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March 4th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

People who are familiar with ZoneAlarm and have known it to be a firewall and spyware protection program, would wonder at the “antivirus” moniker tacked on next to it these days. Well, Zone Alarm antivirus is a powerful new product that has the blessing of every major standardized certification process out there, Virus Bulletin included. Of course, Virus Bulletin is to be trusted – it is not supported by donations from members of its industry.

The first thing you notice using Zone Alarm antivirus is how unintrusive it is when compared to some of the other top products on the market. For example, there are no frequent alerts about every little thing, the way you would find on Avast . ZoneAlarm antivirus has Windows 7 compatibility and offers free chat support, and antivirus definition updates every couple of hours. Individual users can apply each purchase to three stand-alone PCs, and business users can get larger license clusters too.

So what exactly is it that the Zone Alarm antivirus promises to protect? There is full antivirus protection of course, and then there is a two-way firewall, the one that ZoneAlarm is famous for. Additionally ZoneAlarm offers a download security system, and an OS firewall. One of the most serious complaints ever levelled against antivirus software is the way they take up so much system overhead that the other processes on the computer slow to a crawl. ZoneAlarm seems to slow the system down far less than other competing packages when it does a full system scan. Antivirus tends to slow down Internet activity too. But ZoneAlarm’s protectiveness does not get in the way: it doesn’t block any sites, it only gives you a warning.

Zone Alarm antivirus does a really smart job of downloads. When you set off a download of any kind, ZoneAlarm puts it on hold for a couple seconds while it checks it against a database of all the millions of threats that it recognizes. If the download you request is identifiable, it gives you a warning; but if you insist, it lets you pass. It also does anti-phishing investigation on any website you visit.

Certainly none of this would be much use if you have to be a techhead to use it. Zone Alarm antivirus is famed for its ease-of-use, and that is evident here. For example, the main user interface allows you to turn the firewall on or off with a one-touch firewall button. Gamers should in particular favor the game setting the firewall has: turning it on puts the computer on a lower state of watchfulness for uninterrupted gaming.

When you buy Zone Alarm antivirus you get a very responsive update system, and live chat support when you need it. The one drag on ZoneAlarm’s support system is the way they leave out the telephone support: there is none. But the chat system should keep you going, and they have a great resource page on their website, with knowledgebase tutorials. You could try their 15 day trial, but you can take our word for it that ZoneAlarm antivirus is a winner.

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