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Taking the Foreign Service Officer Test – Helpful Tips and Pointers Having a job as a Foreign Service Officer is something that many people aim for. Sadly, only a handful of these people is actually competent enough to land the job. Some give up on their dream at just the first look on how hard the road towards it is. You should consider yourself fortunate if you are not intimidated easily by the first steps. Remember though that things can get worse if you relax earlier. Here are some tips that can help you out. The first thing that you should focus on is the written examination. The exam will be computer-based and it will be about everything. The main goal of the exam is to gauge your knowledge about everything around you. You will also be questioned about your work experience. The written test will be three hours long. Certain things should be remembered if you are to ace the exam. One of the most important things that you should do is know the current events. Making it a habit to read the newspaper daily should help you pull this off. If you feel like you are confident with your knowledge, try to quiz yourself. This approach will not only be efficient but also fun.
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Remember that you will need to do more than to just pass the exam for you to become a foreign service officer. After passing the written exams, it will be time for you to tack the personal narrative phase. In this narrative, you will focus on sharing what you have done, what you do, who you are and the things that you have learned during your past work experiences. You must present these aspects about yourself in essay format. This is your chance to prove yourself as the right individual for this position.
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If you are skilled enough to pass these two stages, you should then focus on the oral assessment. Practice your public speaking skills if you want to ace the oral assessment. In addition to this, understand what foreign service is and the reason why you want to become an officer. Be mindful of the time that you spend speaking your mind. The oral assessment will be followed by the security and medical clearance before moving on to the final review. Things should be a walk in a park if you have come this far. Lastly, do not let yourself be discouraged if you failed on your first attempt at being a foreign service officer. In fact, first-time takers usually end up failing. Just make sure that you learn from your mistakes on your first attempt and you’re all set.

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