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Most of us rely on our computers for our daily dose of surfing, checking our email, doing work projects or researching. Now you’re going to do your daily backup, only to discover your CD/DVD units isn’t working. Perhaps, despite getting your operating system updates, some hacker or virus has slipped in and you can’t even boot your system. A certain application is now acting up. Maybe your monitor shows up one morning, a blank, black screen that doesn’t respond. Is it time to get out the phone book and call a computer repair service? Not necessarily. Here we give you some clues to some relatively simple fixes that gets you back in business without forking over a substantial amount of money, after rifling through the pages of the phone book and wasting a lot of precious time. Let’s see how to determine if you need a computer repair service and find one that’s reliable.

If the problem precludes you using your own computer, enlist the help of a neighbor to get online and do a little preliminary research. A trip to the library is another possibility for access to the net. You’ll want to have the the name and version of your operating system, version and the vendor of your machine and model of your monitor handy. Naturally, this is info you want to record on paper before your system goes on the blitz.

Let’s say it’s your CD/DVD unit that is the problem. Your first step is to check your computer manufacturer’s website. You may find the problem you’re experiencing is a known glitch. Use the search box, usually located at the top right hand corner of the web page, to bring up information specific to your problem. If this doesn’t yield any helpful results, use the contact for technical support to describe your situation. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an immediate response! Your next step is to do a Google search, using something like ‘troubleshoot (computer-brand-name) CD DVD’. This should bring up a host of sites, message boards and forums to give you some leads from experts and users. In the case of a blacked out monitor, the source of your problem may be as simple as one of the kids fiddling with a dial. You’d be surprised at how frequently stuff like this occurs, saving you the time and expense of engaging a computer repair service.

However, should your research turn up nothing, it’s probably time to locate a reliable computer repair service. First, ask a friend for a recommendation of a repair shop they’ve used with good results. If you’re lucky enough to know a computer geek or other computer pro, now’s the time to give them a call. If your only other option is the phone book listings, check with your local Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Better Business Bureau to refine your possibilities. Also contact local ISPs, most of which offer computer repair service on site. You’ll find that prices and service vary considerably. Describe the symptoms of your particular problem – they may have an answer to that simple fix which you can obtain right over the phone. If not, ask about their hourly rates and the minimum charge for taking a look. Do they guarantee their work and if so, for how long?

Some red flags with a disreputable computer repair service? Complaints on record with the BBB isn’t a good sign. If the repair service you’re considering offers no guarantee, or a very short one, you should continue looking for a better deal. Expect a minimum charge, but it shouldn’t be excessive.

Just like auto repair shops, expect to find both reliable and unscrupulous computer repair services. Be prepared to pay a fair price for competent service, should it be necessary, but it certainly pays to spend an hour or two determining if you need to pay for a repair. If so, once you’ve located a competent and honest computer repair service, be sure to pencil them in to your address book and pass your recommendation on to your friends!

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