14th December 2017
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September 6th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

With the rise of youtube’s popularity came the boom of video blogging with its displays of impressive talent, hilarious moments, gratuitous opinions and shameless self promotion. Who can forget the Numa Numa guy, the Star Wars kid, the lonelygirl15 fiasco (which ended rather sadly), All Your Base Are Belong To Us, Charlie the Unicorn, the Evolution of Dance, and of course the infamous Chris Crocker, brought the point of tears by his devotion to Britney (“the person, not the persona”). Video blogging somehow has a knack for going viral way more than normal blogging does. And it’s never been so easy to get your 15 minutes of fame, even more.

But how and why did video blogging get so popular? There are different reasons that various people might propose. Maybe it’s just a more visible form of self expression—people have always been expressing themselves but it wasn’t until now with the internet that they were able to do so on such a widespread basis. Trends have also existed as well, and video blogging is currently the next big thing. That might sort of explain the how, so what about the why? It could come down to the simple fact that people just love to talk about themselves, that’s why they express themselves so much. Some people point to how this is a generation of oversharing—people often share intimate details and post up personal pictures all where everyone can see them. This is mind boggling to some people who can’t believe that people would give up their privacy so flippantly, but sometimes it’s hard to feel be aware of the effects of oversharing until they blow up in your face. Lurkers are easy to disregard, but when you end up in the news for ditching work and posting a picture proving it, it’s hard to ignore that exposure.

This isn’t to say that video bloggers are all attention seekers. There’s nothing inherently wrong with expressing oneself, and sometimes video blogging can be genuinely entertaining or inspiring. Often these video blogs are the ones that are the most real. Unfortunately, reality gets distorted such as in lonelygirl15, which people reacted very badly to. Others questioned whether Chris Crocker was just acting to create drama. After all, video bloggers film themselves and choose what to put up there. Would you normally want people to see you acting totally and embarrassingly hysterical?

It’s clear now that video blogging is now more than just self expression. It’s a viable, influential medium that will likely continue to have considerable impact in the future and while this is certain, the direction in which it will go is not.

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