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How should you handle medical information from strange doctor-look-alike avatars and podcasts from the internet? This is an important question when you picture yourself going to your doctor’s office and saying, “ Doctor, I was listening to this podcast from Doctor Internet and he told me that you should prescribe for me Cholesterol pills”. You may be surprised to find that many people get their medical information from TV commercials, soap operas and websites that claim to be medical experts. Of course, not everything on the web is reliable and not every medical web site should be trusted that claims to offer reliable medical information. You may also be shocked to discover that doctors do not have an answer to everything. This means that getting medical information involves getting it from the right doctor and if online from the right website resource. How to do go about that?

One of the best sources of medical information is to go to sites from reliable organizations. Sites like the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics can be relied upon for their medical information. There are of course other good sites that offer reliable information as well. Sites that link to these general sites for example, will also likely contain reliable medical information since they allow visitors to locate more related content that agrees with what is on their sites. In order to identify the correct medical advice, use more than one resource. Double checking is vital. If the information is true, it will show up in more than one location. When only one source can be located, then you are faced with the issue of validity. Sometimes, you may locate two sources that contradict each other, what do you do then? When this occurs, locate someone whom you trust to help sort things out. This procedure can be used verify medical information collected both offline and online.

Medical information can also be found in your community library. Before going to the library make a list of the topics you want to research and questions you want answered. Medical dictionaries, encylopaedias and handbooks abound with medical information and all of these can be found in a local library. Making good use of these resources in addition to reliable online sources and your doctor will likely go a long way in answering your medical questions, the right way.

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