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March 13th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

Whether you hang just a few pictures in your home or if you line your walls with them, you want a little variety once in a while. Square frames are traditional and look great, but the occasional oval picture frames can add some great variety to your pictures. These can be used alone or in groups, and can add a new look to some of your old family photos. You can even add new life to art work and special creations by your children by shaping them and putting them into ovals instead of squares.

Oval picture frames come in all sizes. You can usually hang most ovals either long way up or to the side. You can decide what you want to do with the oval by the shape and focus of the picture or the artwork in question, just as you would with a square or rectangle shaped picture frame. You can even create or find your own artwork made just to fit nicely into the oval picture frames you have chosen. You can also go out and find something to fit your creation if you wish.

You have to change the way you think about framing pictures when you use oval picture frames to hang your favorite photos of friends and family around your home. The focal point of a photo determines which frame it will look the best in, and if you learn to pick them out, you will always know which ones are going to do the best in an oval frame. You can put almost any picture in a squared frame, but not all will go well in oval picture frames. The tops and sides have more limited space, which can cut out important parts of any picture or piece of art.

For great choices of photographs to be included in oval picture frames, look for ones that have the main focal point of the photo directly in the middle. A good idea would be to take the glass part of the frame out (very carefully) and to lay it directly over the photographs in question. You can then see if the parts of the picture that need to be seen will fit nicely into the area of the frame that will be visible. Try laying the oval over many photos to find the ones that work best in this style and shape of frame.

In order to correctly fit the photo into the oval picture frames, keep the glass out and use a razor to cut the photo to size. You can run the razor over the picture using the glass as a guide. When you do this, the photo should fit perfectly into the frame. You can also use this method to size a photograph when you are putting something in a traditional frame. Just remember to be careful not to cut your fingers, and use a sharp blade so you do not muck up the edge of the photograph. You may also be able to use a matte in oval frames, but you may have to have them special made unless they come with the frame.

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