13th December 2017
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Presentation is communication. Direct presentation of your subject matter is usually the most effective form of communicating to your audience. For example, presenting an orchestral performance of a composition by Mozart, is more effective than trying to describe the composition. Presenting a real skeleton to the students of an anatomy class is a more effective communication of the skeletal form than drawing it on a board. Direct presentation, in most cases, tells the audience all there is to know about the subject, but in many cases, either the subject matter is not available or directly presentable, or direct presentation alone does not tell your audience the important aspects of the subject. In such cases, a multimedia presentation may be best alternative in communicating your subject matter to your

Media is the means we use to communicate. Speech is the preeminent form of communication. Through it, we are able to present most subjects. We have a word for nearly everything, every process, every form and quality. Speech alone is a single media presentation. Writing, an article, a work of prose, is also a single media presentation. Combine a picture with speech or writing, add a recording of some relevant sound to your speech or writing, and you’ve got a multimedia presentation. Show slides, a movie clip, with or without sound, and, yes, you’ve got a multimedia presentation. Multimedia presentations combine two or more mediums to communicate the presentation’s subject.

The objective of presentations, whether of ideas, products,or services, are to inform the audience, or, to persuade them to act in some specific way. Your presentations should be given in such a way that they capture the attention of the audience, sustain that attention, and leave the intended impression, or provoke the actions sought. Speech may be all that is required to arouse and sustain that attention, but speech relies heavily on the listener’s imagination. Supporting speech with an image projected on a screen, or a with brief movie clip, can add substantial dimension to your presentation, involving the listener’s other senses, and evoke the visceral reaction that words alone, except perhaps from the mouth of a poet or a novelist, cannot marshal. Multimedia presentations can make your presentation more interesting and most effectively communicate your subject – and benefits – to your audience.

Multimedia presentation used to require intensive training, and, were expensive to prepare. Today, with the resources of the Internet, with the availability of low priced cameras and sound recorders, with digital movies, image, as well as sound and movie editing software, preparing a multimedia presentation is easy and inexpensive. Presentation software is available to help you author a multimedia presentation. All you need to add is the idea, product or service you’re presenting, and a little creativity to turn your one-dimensional presentations into multi-dimensional happenings.

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