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You can prepare fish in many different ways. The oven seems to be popular, while some get brave and try to put some fish on the outdoor grill. However, you can get some great dishes and meal ideas if you think about making pan fried fish. As with other foods, you have to know how to handle fish the right way and you have to find meal ideas that sound good to you. When you prepare fish this way, you have many great options for interesting and memorable meals as long as you remember cooking fish is much different than cooking beef or pork.

Pan fried fish will not take as long to cook as a pork chop or a steak, but you also have to remember that you can more easily overcook and ruin fish. Different types of fish cook differently, but once you get the hang of how to make pan fried fish, you will instinctively know when your dish is done. Though eating raw fish is something that many do, this is not something you want to do at home when cooking. Look up your favorite fish and learn about when it is done and how to tell so you can make sure your meal is not only tasty but also safe for your family.

Fish is more prone to falling apart when cooking than any other meat. Hamburger tends to stay together no matter how sloppily you flip, but the same can not be said when you are making pan fried fish. If your fish is sticking to the bottom of the pan, you may find it falls apart when you try to flip it or remove it from the pan. Find healthy oils to prepare your pan fried fish so that sticking is not a worry. Use enough to stop your fillets from sticking but do not drown your fish if looking for the health benefits of eating fish.

Fish can taste great on its own, but if you are making pan fried fish, you want to add some seasoning to your meal. You can use Old Bay seafood spice if you wish, or you can add whatever you feel would taste good. There are a few different ways you can add your spice. If you are making a battered or crusted fish, you can add your seasoning to the batter, but that does not always taste the best. The spice can burn if you use this method You may want to season the raw fillets first and then batter or coat them for cooking.

Probably the hardest part of preparing pan fried fish is knowing which types of fish are going to work the best in a pan. This may not be something you know until you try different types. You can seek out recipes online and in cookbooks for cooking fish that may help you understand what to look for in a fish fillet for pan frying. Remember that you can always finish your meal in the oven if you try and fail at first. When things go wrong in the pan, but you know you have well seasoned fillets, throw them in the oven to finish things off.

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