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Taking the Foreign Service Officer Test – Helpful Tips and Pointers Becoming a Foreign Service officer can be a dream job for many people. Unfortunately, this dream can only be realized a select few. Some give up on their dream at just the first look on how hard the road towards it is. You should consider yourself fortunate if you are not intimidated easily by the first steps. Remember though that things can get worse if you relax earlier. Below are some tips and pointers that can definitely help you on your examination. The written examination should be your main focus. The exam will be computer-based and it will be about everything. That’s right, it will be more about testing your general knowledge. Your other work experiences will also be asked in some parts of the exam. The questions in the written exam must be answered within three hours. Certain things should be remembered if you are to ace the exam. It is a must for you to keep up with current events. You can do this by forming a habit of reading the paper daily. If you think your knowledge is already sufficient, try to quiz yourself from time to time. This approach will not only be efficient but also fun.
The Ultimate Guide to Tests
Remember that you will need to do more than to just pass the exam for you to become a foreign service officer. You will need to tackle the personal narrative phase after you have passed the written exams. In this narrative, you will focus on sharing what you have done, what you do, who you are and the things that you have learned during your past work experiences. You will write these things in essay format. This is where you should prove that you are the right person that they should take for the job.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Tests
If you are skilled enough to pass these two stages, you should then focus on the oral assessment. If you want to do well in the oral assessment, you should focus on practicing your public speaking. In addition to this, understand what foreign service is and the reason why you want to become an officer. Make sure that you are aware of how much time has passed after you have started your piece. The oral assessment will be followed by the security and medical clearance before moving on to the final review. There will be no more worries for you after you have made it this far. Do not be easily discouraged if you didn’t pass the test on your first try. In fact, first-time takers usually end up failing. You’ll do just fine if you make sure that you learn from all the mistakes that you have made on your previous attempts.

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