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June 4th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

Women have been through this many times. They find themselves with a wonderful person and things are going great for a year or more. Suddenly the relationship begins to unsettle, and the man wonders if he was ever the marrying type. But then the woman hears three months after the break up that he’s getting married to a girl he met three days after he left her. Women have been asking each other and their gay friends this forever: in the grand scheme of the psychology of men, where is the logic to how they make up their minds? What goes on in there that they can be in a committed relationship for years, but just not think about marrying? There must be something men look for in women that isn’t really well-known yet.

A good part of what makes a man want to never let her go comes down to the intangibles, attraction, beauty and so on. But there are a few really tangible qualities that the believers say all men look for. In the marriage psychology of men, they only see a future wife in a woman who is always growing. Men fear as it is, the possibility that marriage could end up being one boring thing for life. To not see a woman really have a dozen loose ends she is working on finding answers to, deeply depresses men. Men need to look into a woman and see a world to discover.

The psychology of men is such that they want to mean the world to their wives, but they also don’t want to be her whole entire world. Of course you know what this means, but let’s explain it anyway. Men want women who admire them, dream about them, and think that they wouldn’t be anywhere without them. Men wish that a woman would admire their take on things well enough to pause a minute from time to time to wonder about what they would say to a given situation. But all this would only matter if the woman had a solid life going on on her own. A woman who doesn’t have much of a life on her own could have thoughts about her man, and admire him; but it just doesn’t seem to matter as much, if she isn’t out there living the life of her own herself. If men could find a woman who had a plan for herself, and found that her man was an indispensable part of her plan, that would be just about perfect.

Men want a kind of natural-born loyalty. And that doesn’t mean that the psychology of men demands blind compliance at all. Men want a woman to look out for them, to stand in their corner, and demand standards of them. Loyalty is communicated in all kinds of ways. Men who see anger in a woman for not meeting her fair-minded demands feel “Now here is an intelligent being who has high standards – and she still chose me!”. There are no simple rules to understanding the psychology of men. It is all about a dynamic living understanding. It may not be simple; but if you care about it, understanding is pretty forthcoming.

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