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If you read up on the things of which you must be careful of when it comes to caring for an infant, you can easily get overwhelmed with all of the rules and regulations that are thrown your way. You have to be aware of what causes SIDS and how to avoid lead poisoning, choking, and anything else that may harm your baby. It’s a lot to take in, but there are reasons why these guidelines are presented to you when you are new parents. A little extra care saves lives, and throughout time, these things have been documented so that your baby is safe today. When considering all you have to know, do not forget about car seat recalls and information.

Most of us grew up in a time when we rode in the back of a car without a seat belt and never thought twice out it. Our parents may have held us in their arms are they rode down the highway. There were car seats then, of course, but not everyone thought they were necessary. After all, their parents never used one and they were just fine. Car seat recalls were unheard of because they were not a requirement by law as they are now. Today, if you go down the road without your child in the right car seat, you could be in big trouble, and your child could be hurt if you were to have an accident, or even just slam on the brakes.

There are many different car seats out there from which you can choose when you go out to buy a new one for your baby. Don’t forget to get one before your baby arrives, as you can not leave the hospital without one. When you go, remember that there are different sizes, and you must have one approved for an infant. Make sure the carrier you choose is certified as an acceptable car seat safety device as some are not. Look up and take a list of current car seat recalls with you when you shop. Most pull recalled items from the shelves but some slip through the cracks.

You may be given a used car seat by someone you know for your baby. There are times you can use these, but there are some things you have to know. Never use a car seat that has been in any type of accident, even a minor one. There could be damage to the seat that you can not see that renders it useless and unable to protect your child. Check with car seat recalls to make sure a used model has not been recalled as well. The same can be said for any seat you get second hand. If you can not verify that it has not been recalled or that it has not been in an accident, pass on it.

There are many places to find car seat recalls, but the best place is online. You can find sites that list all recalls of all types of products, or you can find ones that specifically list recalls that affect children and baby items in particular. You may also hear about recall information on your local news. As a new parent, it may be in your best interest to check on all recalls every month or so just to be on the safe side. You do so much to protect your children, and there is no sense in something you buy for their safety to end up being what hurts them.


High Chair Recalls - Is Your Baby's Chair on the List?

By T. J. Lashley

High chair recalls is something that you should always research when choosing the right baby chair for your little one. High chairs are often among the most overlooked items inside the house. You may even spend a lot of time choosing the best baby crib and even the latest and safest baby car seat, but have you taken the time to consider the injuries that could arise from a faulty high chair. You will want to be sure that you take the time to do your research and study the matter thoroughly before you make any purchase. Let's talk a little about some of the things that can lead to a product recall.

A baby high chair should have a wide leg base for stability. The wider the legs are apart, the more stable the chair will be. Look at what the legs are made of as well. Metal, wood or solid plastic are best as it will not fold or bend easily and, don't forget, hollow materials are not as strong, so pay attention to the details. Safety concerns can arise when there is a risk with the stability.

Another thing about high chair recalls is when deciding about the chair you are going to select, the best ones have a three-point restraint system for the baby and a simple belt for the lap. Avoid securing your little one with the lap belt only. While it may be easier for you, remember your baby could quite easily slip under the belt, slide down in the chair and be injured. The three or five point restraint restraint system will keep your child safer. Recalls can occur when there is a failure with the restraint system.

Sometimes a high chair recall happens when there is a failure with the feeding tray. Look for a system that allows the tray to be easily hooked and unhooked. Ask yourself if your baby can reach the latching mechanisms and possibly pinch those precious little fingers. Most especially, if the chair has any sharp materials under the chair, it could easily hurt your baby. All of these issues could also lead to a manufacturer's recall if a safety concern is identified that might put a baby at risk.

Your baby's safety should be your first priority. So find the baby high chair that is really safest for you and your baby. Unfortunately, high chair recalls do occur but when you do your research you will find the best one for your precious bundle of joy.

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Are you a new parent worried about baby safety?  Then you will want to know about high chair recalls as well as all the things you need to know about baby high chairs and how you can best protect your little one.  Visit highchairchoices.com to learn more about this much utilized baby product.

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