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Commercial Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning: What is the Importance of this Service? There are a lot of available commercial grease traps that you can see in many different kitchens and restaurants scattered all over the world. One of the most important tools that should be present in a certain kitchen is a restaurant grease trap which is also commonly known as a grease interceptor. Why does kitchens need to have a restaurant grease trap, what is its importance? The function of this grease trap was designed specially for waste water that has different elements in it such as grease, oils and fats. If you have this waste water with all these mixed elements in it in big amounts, it would really block the drainage system of your sewer and would even cause it to back flow. A back flow from the sewer commonly happens whenever the cold season or winter weather sets in, especially when the temperature starts to go down below zero and all those oily substances start to solidify as quick as possible. The importance of having a regular restaurant grease trap cleaning is to help maintain the trap in working properly so avoid any back flows or blockage in the sewer system. Fats, oils and grease are commonly termed with the acronym FOG which is the composition of waste water. Poultry and other meat products and its waste is called brown fats which is the substance that causes the waste water its odor. If you want to avoid the smell from oozing out of the trap, you should consider having a regular basis of restaurant grease trap cleaning. The advantage of having a grease trap for your kitchen or restaurant is that it helps avoid the FOG from entering your sewer system and blocking it up and causing back flow. Another benefit offered by restaurant grease traps is that they can help cut down on the pollution. Small underground units and their contents are not usable anymore, on the other hand, larger underground units can be pumped out and you can also recycle its other contents. Setting up a grease interceptor in your kitchen or restaurant helps prevent contributing waste that are thrown into the sea and rivers. The benefit also of using recycled water is that it helps lessen down the loads of work that need to be done by workers in water treatment plants.
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There is a wide range of variety in the sizes and shapes of grease traps. The function of a grease trap can be different from each other because some may process small amounts of waste water per minute only while on the other hand, there are some grease traps that can process larger amounts of waste water per minute. Larger grease traps are sold in most shopping malls or other food companies.What Research About Cleaners Can Teach You

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