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How to Create Your Video Presentation Design Supposed you’re making tons of video presentations for your job or business, you usually have this impression that you’re already very good at it. However, you realize as soon as you present your video that your slides are awful to look at. Before we proceed, here’s a question we’d like to ask: Do you rely on PowerPoint exclusively when making a video presentation? If that’s a yes, then your slides certainly look like they were created a decade ago, with all those corny sound effects and boring transitions. Keep in mind that your objective here is to create a video presentation design that will keep your audience interested. So keep on reading and we’ll give you all the tips in perfecting that presentation design. First of all, know that there are four main principles of the traditional presentation design. These components are contrast, proximity, repetition, and alignment. Contrast is what makes people understand what is significant and what isn’t in your presentation. Repetition meanwhile is the key to giving your video a professional and consistent look. Alignment for its part is about making it easier for the audience to understand the content of your slides. Lastly, proximity is the component used to express the relationship or connection between the contents in the presentation.
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As mentioned earlier, contrast is important in terms of making the slides in your presentation look more emphasized. Additionally, it gives your audience a more convenient way to see everything. For example, you use contrast by way of using larger text for emphasizing main points. Also, larger graphics, when contrasted with smaller objects will have a similar effect. Repetition Be reminded that professionally made video presentations are as effective as a perfectly written content. In this regard, repetition is all about showing visual consistency. An observant audience will be looking for repetition in your visuals in the hope of being able to grasp the message you are trying to convey. Repetition may be utilized in three distinct ways. Firstly, use the same font size and placement of titles on all slides. The title fonts can also be placed at the end of every slide in order to tie your message together. Finally, you have the liberty to use the same image or logo in every slide but it is recommended you change the sizes and location. Alignment In case the text in your presentation isn’t ideally aligned, there’s a chance the audience will be having a tough time reading. In most instances, the use of left text alignment will do the trick of getting a professional presentation. Proximity When it comes to proximity, the idea is that the closer the objects are placed to each other, the more they’re connected. Understand that grouping objects together for the purpose of conveying your message is crucial in supporting the idea you’re trying to deliver. But it makes sense if you place a single message on each slide in order to not confuse your audience. So that’s it. When you’re about to make another one for whatever purpose, always consider your audience as the most important factor.

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