13th December 2017
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December 14th, 2013 Cat: Business Products & Services

People think that teaching agriculture and learning all about it is fairly easy compared to other courses at the university. I have to say that, as a professor, that’s not an accurate conclusion. In my experience, it wasn’t easy to get started and I didn’t automatically succeed in growing plants. People who have tried growing their own garden surely know what I am talking about. Helping plants grow and flourish isn’t magic. It takes a lot of skill and effort to know how to do it just right so that the plants don’t die. The Hydroponics Group has been my partner in helping my students learn more about alternative ways of planting. We recently studied and tried to grow daddy grow boxes in our greenhouse at school. It was highly interesting and stimulating to the students as they got to observe the progress during our classes. The no-mess planting also increased the participation rate in class. The support that we got from the website of the company also helped us navigate and work our way through the system. I am so grateful for this new and perfect system because it has made my job more interesting and tons easier! Aside from that, I believe it is a fantastic addition to the industry that allows for maximum production minus the extra effort. Water planting is one of the best discoveries because it provides an immediate solution to those who don’t have access to good soil in their area. People living in the city don’t have to feel that they can’t grow their own plants.  

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