18th October 2017
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June 6th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

If you love fast-paced cars, good for you, because there are virtually radio controlled vehicles of all shapes and sizes. If you are a really serious race car enthusiast, then you will find that hobby miniature cars found on general store shelves cannot satisfy your cravings for a real sports RC car. Those are toys and you definitely want something more than that. It is true that some of these cars have amazing functionality and calling them toys is somehow degrading since some are even modeled in existing car models. However hobby radio controlled vehicles offer more than that. A hobby level car will offer interactive features that include working lights, detailed interiors and even radios that play mp3 tracks. If you are thinking, ‘that is great’, then you are ready to jump into the deep end of radio controlled vehicles.

RC cars use radio signals to remotely control the vehicle and do a bunch of things. From the first radio controlled small boat back in 1898, radio control has come a long way and today’s cars are advanced pieces of ingenuity. Using small but powerful electric motors and rechargeable nickel-cadmium cells, these small machines appeal to both the young and the old. Radio controlled vehicles are easy to operate and have relatively low danger level with most not exceeding 20 miles per hour making them safe even for very small ‘adults’. Because most are modeled after real-life cars, enthusiasts are more likely to enjoy the variety that comes with it. In addition to common car models, there are also radio controlled versions of trucks, bulldozers, tanks and motorcycles which increases the number of ‘odd’ vehicles that you can have in your collection with some unorthodox designs in the picture as well.

If you are looking for speed-hungry radio controlled vehicles, then consider hobby race cars. These cars are powered by the nitro fuel and their tiny combustion engines will sound much like real cars do. However, the fuel is far from cheap. For those looking for big honking monsters, a gas-powered engine might just be the solution. Depending on the design, these cars are much larger and have better performance than nitro-powered cars. One advantage that nitro and gas-powered models have is that they are air-cooled meaning that they can be raced continuously and only need to stop for fuel ups. Electric models need to cool down otherwise they gonna burn out some component. When purchasing a radio controlled car, consider the model, the design, how it is powered and where you want it run, whether on or off-road. Whatever the decision you make, I can assure that you will have fun with any of the radio controlled vehicles. Let the fun begin!

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