24th October 2017
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May 20th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

People who are of the Christian faith are likely to be familiar with prayer ministry, which is often an integral part of worship and developing as a strong believer in Christ. Prayer ministry provides a forum in which church members can seek prayer support for a variety of reasons. They might have specific concerns about themselves or for others, or they simply may want to participate in prayer as a part of spiritual routine.

Prayer is an important practice to Christians because it is a way of communicating with God who they otherwise are unable to hear or see. Prayer helps believers to maintain a relationship with God and to divine his purpose for their lives, and prayer ministry helps enforce this practice. In prayer ministry, Christians may form a group whose members provide support to each other by praying together, and continue to pray for each other when the group members are apart.

Prayer ministry members are specifically trained in prayer, and they often provide prayer support to the congregation following church services. Prayer ministry is taken seriously and there are certain guidelines to follow. For example, prayer requests may be personal in nature, so it’s important to regard such requests with a degree of tact and empathy. Some prayer ministries may be concerned with the balance of power in group prayer, which is why sometimes a woman is discouraged from participating in prayer with two men.

Prayer helps put people into a particular spiritual mindset, and it’s important to put this mindset into practice. Too often Christians rely on prayer alone, figuring that praying regularly or for long periods of time is enough to keep them on the spiritual path. This ill practice may be unwittingly propagated by the idea that “works without faith are dead,” meaning that actions alone aren’t sufficient—they must have belief in God behind them. But this applies to the other end too, and faith without works is dead as well. What’s the point of praying for the sick without reaching out a hand to help them? Some might argue that praying to God alone can work wonders, but this can lead to complacency and idleness. Aren’t Christians supposed to be an example to the rest of the world? To be an example, one has to actually demonstrate an upright path instead of relying on introspection or preaching. People would do well to remember that often “actions speak louder than words.”

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