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How Local SEO Can Help Your Business Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is essentially a marketing plan. SEO attempts to boost a site’s ranking and get it seen by more people. That, of course, equals more traffic and more traffic means more money. I can’t think of a single website owner who wouldn’t want that. SEO is extremely important to the success of a website. Twenty years ago, SEO wasn’t such a big deal. But twenty years ago the internet wasn’t flooded with companies vying for a piece of the pie. Website owners didn’t have to work half as hard then to get noticed as they do now. It can seem like an unwinnable battle trying to fight the competition for a coveted spot on the all-important search engines. Local SEO is the answer you’ve been looking for. There is no difference between local SEO and non-local SEO except for who the marketing campaign is aimed at. Local SEO is usually aimed at the people living in the area surrounding a certain business. The internet gives us the potential to reach millions of people which, ideally, is a good thing for most business owners. However, unless you own several national chains, casting a wide net on the internet may be counterproductive. And I’ll tell you why that is.
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If you don’t make local SEO your focus you will find yourself competing with businesses just like yours (small and big alike) all over the world. Your small business would be put up against national, heavily branded chains. The heat in that kitchen may be a little too hot for a small business owner. But when you utilize local SEO techniques, your competition is limited to the other similar businesses located near year.
If You Read One Article About Marketing, Read This One
With a decrease in competition will come an increase in conversion rates. Conversion rates go up because you will be getting a lot more hits from actual people in your community and those are the people who will patronize your business. Not to mention the way people search for things on the internet is not the same as it used to be. More searches are coming from smart phone users. People are using their phones when they are out looking for a place to eat or to get some drying cleaning done and they are looking for businesses like yours. Local SEO will help you reach these people. I’m sure you have hopes of growing your business beyond your local area and when you do you will see that your earlier local SEO efforts have benefited your website. Once you do start competing with national businesses your websites ranking and credibility will be better off because you would have gained so much more traction with your local campaign than you would have with a broader campaign.

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