17th November 2017
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May 16th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

When the DS Lite first made its debut in the U.S., the only available color was the generic Polar White. This had some gamers grumbling, seeing as when the DS Lite was released into the market in Japan it came in the additional options of Ice Blue and Enamel Navy. Since then, the color scheme has expanded and customers are able to choose models that better suit them.

One of the new colors is Coral Pink. A Coral Pink DS Lite is really just a pink DS Lite rather than coral colored. It’s never been said outright, but it’s pretty obvious that the purpose of the pink DS Lite is to attract female gamers. When you see the DS Lite on TV, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll see commercials with guys crowded around a pink DS Lite and having a blast. It’s more likely to be girls and games like Nintendogs and Cooking Mama.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with a pink DS Lite—definitely there are girls and yes, some guys that it will appeal to and it’s just a matter of preference. However, it’s kind of eye-rolling when companies insinuate that all girls will gravitate to “girly” colors and games. Some girls will play Nintendogs on a pink DS Lite, and other girls might play The Legend of Zelda on a black one. Or some girls might play The Legend of Zelda on a pink DS Lite and vice versa. And some guys might play Nintendogs on a black DS Lite, and…you get the idea. The point is that gaming, like many other things in life, isn’t a dichotomy and again like many other things in life, it gets dichotomized.

It’s not that Nintendo should stop marketing the pink DS Lite to girls—it’s that they should market it to everyone. Because as things are now, God forbid you should see a guy going near anything pink. Granted, such stigma has considerably decreased in recent times but it’s still there. A guy being able to wear a pink shirt might pass as metrosexual manliness but it wouldn’t fly as well if he was surrounded by pink and sparkles and domestic activities. In fact, a guy wearing a pink shirt possibly enforces gender dichotomy even more as if to say, a guy is and should be so masculine that even when he wears a pink shirt he maintains that masculinity.

Overanalyzing a piece of machinery? Maybe, but you can’t deny that media is pervasive and its influence goes undetected. In the meantime, the pink DS Lite is available at a store near you or online for discreet purchase.

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