8th December 2017
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May 15th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

Forget about living under a rock, you’ve been living in the Stone Age if you haven’t heard of the iPhone, the Droid or the Blackberry. It’s all about PDA cell phones now, smartphones that practically contain your whole life in them. They’re your phone, your schedule, your mp3 player, your e-mail, your GPS, your entertainment, and basically your means of communication and key to functioning in the real world. Lose your smartphone, and you’re screwed. You might have to find a pay phone somewhere close by, but yeah, as if those exist anymore and you probably don’t have anyone’s number memorized because they’re all stored in your fancy phone. Chances are the only number you know is 911, and while you might be in an emergency, your predicament kind of pales in comparison to a burning house or an attempted robbery. So make sure you don’t lose your smartphone anywhere, because that wouldn’t be very smart.

But in all seriousness, PDA cell phones can be a great boon. They can be expensive—not only are you paying for the phone itself, but you’re paying for phone and internet service—but if you think about it, it’s not so bad if you’re paying for so many applications in one. Instead of carrying a bunch of separate gadgets, you only have to carry around your smartphone and you’re good to go. If you’re lost, it’s not a problem because the internal GPS will help you find your way, and you can always browse the internet if you ever need any kind of reference right away. Maybe you’ve decided to grab a bite to eat while you’re out and about but you don’t know which restaurants in the area are worth frequenting. You can browse the web right then and there to review your options. However, there is a flip side to the convenience of PDA cell phones. When you carry a smartphone around with you all the time, there’s virtually no separation between you and the virtual world. It’s like you’re never away from the computer and you’re constantly connected to the web.

We just established that this could be a good thing, but it’s also resulted in people compulsively checking their e-mail every other minute or so, or becoming so accustomed to having their PDA cell phones do everything for them that they don’t really think for themselves. The correlation between improved technology and laziness is nothing new, but it’s difficult to give up technological advancements like PDA cell phones that make life so much easier.

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