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March 11th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

Do you have a mess of bottles, cans, rags, and other cleaning accessories under your bathroom and kitchen sinks? Many people do. These are common places to keep cleaning supplies, but not always the best choice. Children can get into them if you do not have them locked, and you often end up with a big mess through which you have to search to find what you need when you have a specific cleaning project in mind. If you want to save yourself some time and aggravation, think about organizing cleaning supplies so what you want is where you want it when you need it right away.

It may not matter too much if you live in a very small home or apartment, but if you have a medium to large home, you may hate traipsing around the house trying to gather your cleaning products and moving them to where you need them. You not only have to put up with forgetting something mid cleaning, you may find things missing as you leave them around the house. Organizing cleaning products and storage areas can virtually eliminate all of these problems. If you buy in bulk, you can always be sure you have enough and you will always know where things are.

First, buy several buckets for your home. Do not get the round ones for this, but instead, look for the large, square type that have many different pockets as well as a big tub area included. Get at least four for your home. You also want to invest in some plastic spray bottles, at least four for each bucket. You may also want to invest in some rags that you can buy in the stores or you can use paper towels when you clean – which ever you feel most comfortable with. Once you have all of this, you can then begin your organizing cleaning supplies endeavor.

Buy what you need bulk and have what you want in one area in your home for organizing cleaning. Suggested items are window cleaner, abrasive cleaner, kitchen grease cutter, bathroom disinfectant, and furniture polish. Don’t forget a small toilet brush, sponges with two different abrasive sides, and any special cleaning items you need for your home. You can also get something for your floors if you do not have an all purpose cleaner that will work well for that. Fill your spray bottles with what you would need for four different cleaning situations – kitchen, bath, dusting, and deep cleaning and then put them all into a tub for each purpose. Fill with rags and a small bucket for floor cleaning and you have what you need.

What does this type of organizing cleaning products do for you? It gives you a ready to go bucket for each type of job that you can simply pick up and walk with when you want to clean. You will not have to think about having the right bottles or other materials and you can carry everything with one hand for the most part. When you are done, the last part of organizing cleaning supplies would be to take the entire bucket back and refill your spray bottles as needed. You will end up saving countless hours with this type of system that you can customize to fit your own needs.

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