19th October 2017
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March 10th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

One of the most difficult things you will encounter when you are organizing your garage is where to put all that accumulated ‘stuff’. You may have a hard time throwing away most of these things since they represent your memories. However, you do not have to worry about throwing them away. If you organize garage just right, then it can hold all of your memorabilia while leaving the place looking neat and top-notch.

The first step is determining where to put everything. Since a garage has more wall space than floor space, determine how you are going to use this space to hold such things as bicycles, luggages and ladders by use of well-placed hooks. The ceiling is also another great place to have a shelf that can be used to store infrequently used items like camping gear, window screens and Halloween decorations. Another way to organize garage accessories is to have built-in shelves for spray bottles, paint cans, automotive supplies, boxes and bags. As you organize garage stuff, you will realize that some items need detailed and specific handling. You may want to organize garage in a way that you have a specific area that has your particular hobby or sport stuff well arranged. Another alternative to hanging tools on walls is to have a workbench. A workbench will regulate the tool situation by ensuring that all the necessary bolts, nuts and screws as well as the heavier equipment are kept out of place and in a safe secure location. A rack or a portable tool box can also be used to organize garage equipment, depending on your needs and the space available.

The garage is one of locations where gardening equipment is stored. An inexpensive combination of bins and crates can be used to sprout, fertilize and seed your plants and they usually occupy very little space. Other equipment like the rakes, hoes, shovels and the water hose can be conveniently stored as well by having a rack or tool strip. Get to organize garage equipment in different configurations as well rather than linearly to create variety. Recycling bins are another matter of concern. Use stackable recycle bins and having a hand cart to haul them to the curb. Some have found it convenient to install shelving in the garage to make it have a more appealing look. Alternatively you can organize garage accessories by containerizing certain things. Hopefully, the above points will make your garage more appealing and you can walk through it without tripping.

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