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March 19th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

Motorcycles and scooters are generally known as two wheel vehicles that are an alternative to the car. They eat up way less gas and people wear helmets when riding them. Motorcycles and scooters are in the same sort of category, and many people often get them confused or use their names interchangeably. However, there are significant differences between motorcycles and scooters that affect a variety of important factors when it comes to a vehicle, such as speed and where they can be driven.

First of all, a motorcycle can go much faster than a scooter can. A motorcycle can travel at speeds over 100 mph, while scooters can go as low as 15 mph and up to around 80 mph at most. This means that typically motorcycles have much larger engines and bigger wheels. Motorcycles also have more gears, usually around 3 gears and a reverse gear while scooters have maybe one. These traits might not be clear to the eye, but there are more obvious signs that can help you tell the difference between motorcycles and scooters. A motorcycle will be bigger than a scooter, sometimes weighing over 600 pounds while a scooter will usually weigh around 40 to 500 pounds. One visible detail is where the feet go when riding either vehicle. On a motorcycle, your feet will go on foot pegs, and on a scooter there will be a floorboard that you can put your feet on. Another difference that is easy to spot is the gas tank. Motorcycles have a high gas tank that will often be between the driver’s knees. In contrast, the gas tank on a scooter is usually in the back on in the floor board.

Aside from these guidelines, a very simple, amateur way to tell motorcycles and scooters apart is that a scooter more often elicits a “that’s cute” response while a motorcycle often gets a “that’s really loud” out of people. Motorcycles are seen as more hardcore—people associate them with leather jackets and gangs like the Hell’s Angels. You’re also more likely to see motorcycles on the freeway, since many scooters aren’t fast enough to drive on the freeway safely.

There are also children’s scooters like the Razor that was wildly popular for a while that you won’t be able to confuse with motorcycles. These scooters simply consist of a handle bar and the signature scooter floorboard, and you’ll most certainly never see these types of scooters on the freeway.

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