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If you smoke, the places where you can freely smoke are not as numerous as they once were. Thirty or more years ago, you may have seen people walking through the grocery store with a cigarette, but today there are few public places where smoking is welcome. You may or may not agree with that policy, but that is how things are going. You may soon find that you do not want to smoke in your home, even if you continue to smoke or know people who do. If you want to make your home non smoking, you and your family will breathe easier. There are a few steps to take to make your home more pleasurable for everyone.

First, designate somewhere outside for smoking for yourself or your company. This should be an area away from where people walk (like sidewalks) and where you or your guests can smoke in peace. Somewhere in the back is great if you can do that. Have something outside where cigarette butts can be put so they are not thrown out in your lawn. You can also make non smoking signs for the outside if this is something new to your friends and family. Most people respect a non smoking sign so place them on all of your home entryways.

Once everyone is aware of your new policy, you have to get use to it as well. You may know that you have decided to smoke outside, but that does not mean you can shake old habits as quickly as you can put up a non smoking sign. You may find that you absently light up while in the house. Get rid of all of your ashtrays and put all lighters or other smoking items that you use in a box near the door so you do not have access to them unless you are going outside to smoke. That will help you get use to smoking outside rather than in.

You may also find that once you enact your non smoking policy and it goes on a for a few weeks, you are going to notice the smoke smell in your home is going away, but it is still in some places that do not clear out so quickly. You may have to take some time to wash your walls if they have taken on a yellowish tint, and your furniture is also going to be of some concern. Wash what you can, including your drapes, and see what you can do to get rid of the smell. You will be happy you did. You don’t have to give up smoking to enjoy a non smoking home.

You can, of course, still smoke in your own home if you wish, but you may find that you enjoy your clothing and other items being free of the smell when you leave the house. If you make your home non smoking and you smoke outside, you can still get some on your smoke odor clothing, but it will not be anything like what happens to your clothes and other possessions when smoke is present all of the time. Not only will the air be cleaner, but your family and pets will live longer and more healthy lives as well. Not bad for a little inconvenience.

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