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What It Means To Be a Line Cook For the chefs, cooks, waiters in restaurants, the term “fire” is used when an order must begin to be prepared. “Fire” indicates that the minimum of ten minutes has passed for an order to be served and the guests are already waiting for their food to be prepared by the staffs and chefs. It usually happens on the front line of a kitchen in most fast food chains and restaurants. This part of the kitchen is where you can find the saute section, griller, deep fryer, broiler, and hot water placements. Usually composed of two to four chefs, they are called line cooks. For a chef to be a line cook, a chef should be prepared and ready for the upcoming order, should have the knowledge of the menu, the recipes and ingredients, the tools and equipment needed and also the preparedness in the mental, physical and emotional state of the chef.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Cooking
A line cook’s most important thing to keep in mind is to ready up the mental state and alertness. A line cook must maintain his concentration on the things that he has to do with all his power. Being in the front line of the kitchen is like being in a war but with no bullets and blood, it will be chaos because of all the rustling and bustling that will take place. The focus and concentration of the line cook is particularly needed in such situations and they do get stressed, pressured and even angry at times when they cannot contain it anymore.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Cooking
With all that, everyday will be the same, there will be a war but it’s a war that they always win, line cooks preparing for the things and ingredients needed for the next day’s battle, waitress and waiters got tips, customers full and satisfied. The most important goal of the line cook is the satisfaction of their customers. Line cooks are really conscious of the quality of the food they have made. In satisfying customers, it boils down to couple of things such as the ingredients that were used for the recipes should be fresh, the order and synchronization of the line cooks when performing, and also the food’s consistency that they have to watch carefully. Being a line cook means being courageous and proud to face the struggles, and hardships that you will face in the kitchen, and always remember that with each battle you fight there will always be a corresponding reward that you will have.

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