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Internet Connections in Costa Rica Either you are on a vacation in Costa Rica, or you are already a regular citizen here, internet connection is now made possible and easy to get especially for the consumers to stay in touch with their business. The internet is an instrument that allows us to communicate with our family, friends, and even special someone, no matter where they are located. With the improvement of science and technology, our lifestyle today are now being mobile. With the abundance of internet users nowadays, distance won’t matter anymore, and with just a click you can talk, chat, or even share photos with you friends all over the world. Connecting thru wi-fi which is also known as the wireless fidelity is the most easy way to connect through internet. Finding wi-fi hotpots in Costa Rica is now made easy because most places contains wi-fi hotspots. I turned on my phone’s wifi radar to detect nearby wifi hotspots. Most hotels here in Costa Rica are equipped with wifi hotspots on which they can provide to their guest. In order for you to gain an access to their wifi, you have to ask the hotel personnel if the wifi signal can reach your room. I have called the front office of the hotel due to the problems that I experienced by their wifi hotspots. The front desk would respond to my calls and had their technical support team approach my room for the problem. Laptops are not limited to use wifi hotspots in Costa Rica. Connecting to internet with the use of smartphones are made possible in Costa Rica. With the right apps that you can download, you can even call numbers without the use of simcards, as long as you are connected in the internet. If connecting to a WIFI hotspot in Costa Rica is impossible, you still have other two choices available: via the use of cable modem which you can attached directly to the internet line, or the use of 3G USB data card. High speed non-stop internet connections are being offered by television cable company in Costa Rica, that serves as an alternative option to their cable services. The speed of my internet connection is 1.5mbps. I pay 15,4000 colones per month for my high speed internet connection here in Costa Rica. You don’t need to be a legal resident to apply for their internet connection. The passport and credit card which will be use for the mode of monthly payment are just the requirements that is being required by the cable companies in Costa Rica. Except for a power failure, everything works great in Costa Rica. My monthly bills here are far more cheaper than in US, and this is all made possible in Costa Rica.

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