19th October 2017
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March 17th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

The government is publishing job figures every month, trying to boost approval for the administration for handling the unemployment crisis. This can’t be a good month for those attempts; those going about job hunting must notice a distinct chill in the jobs market. The country usually gains more than half a million jobs each month; except December; this is when the jobs market puts on just half of that. In a world that isn’t kind to job hunters right now, December is especially unfriendly. But wait, the hiring season begins just three months from now; don’t you want to be primed for action for then?

Did you hear the one about how a single Twitter post got someone a great job? There is so much being written about how a presence on Facebook or LinkedIn or any of the other popular networking sites could lend you a great job. If you’re ready to have one, be sure that you put in as much information about yourself as possible. Be a regular on the blogs that are important to your industry, and remember to often have something good to say. Pretty soon, another forum respondent could be so impressed with you, your job hunting expedition could yield results before it starts. You can be sure that any potential employer who looks at your resume will Google up your name to check to see what hits. Try to Google yourself up to see what turns up about you. If you have an iGoogle account, that is what will show up first about you and you could make it flattering.

This is an age when people get jobs through social networking much better than traditional avenues. The holidays are such a time for get-togethers and parties, that the cause of live (not virtual) networking is greatly helped. Get the job hunt going by showing up at every party possible, trying to throw into the conversations a word about how you’re looking for a job. Before you know it, Santa could show up with a few leads.

Checking out your resume for possible improvements may not be your idea of fun anymore, but there could be something about it that is contributing to the chilly response you get in your job hunting. Today’s modern resume could afford to go further than the plain garden-variety one with an introduction, some details about your education and a list of your accomplishments. Why not make it a little 21st century with multimedia and perhaps some Twitter feeds? When you list your accomplishments in there, try to go the extra mile explaining exactly how you did the things you are most proud of. Even a couple of instances of tangible data could be worth more than reams of claims.

And finally, don’t let the stress of it all get to you. It is the holiday season after all. Don’t forget to help out your friends who are looking for a job too. If you come by a job lead on of your job hunting trips on the Internet, put the word through to a friend. That kind of holiday spirit, will certainly bring back dividends.

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