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Many questions are going to come into your mind when you are pregnant for the very first time. How are you going to deal with work, home and a new baby? How is your body going to respond to the growing bundle in your stomach? How is your life going to change forever? How will you deal with the backaches and heartburn that you hear about so much? Those are all normal questions that there are no answers to until the time comes. However, one thing you should know about is how menstrual pain and labor pain are and are not alike.

You may never think that you are going to have a problem in your pregnancy. Most hope and pray that everything will be okay, but don’t really think about what it would be like if something were to go wrong. The good news is that medical science has come a long way, and many premature babies have a good chance at survival if they are born in the right place. What does that have to do with menstrual pain? It could be that you go into labor without knowing it and are far away from the care that you need.

Menstrual pain is something all menstruating women have to deal with in some form or another. Some are lucky and feel good throughout their entire cycle, but most have cramping that comes and goes with their period. You may think that menstrual pain would have nothing to do with labor pain, but that is not true. In fact, when you go into pre term labor, it may feel a lot like your regular menstrual cramps. You may think these are Braxton Hicks, but if they persist, you should be in to see someone as soon as you can.

Those going full term should also realize that labor pain can feel a lot like menstrual pain. In the beginning, the contractions are slight and feel just like the cramps you get before and during your period. If you are having these, go lie down for a while. If they do not go away, you may be in active labor, even if it is not quite time yet for you to be going in. If you notice any spotting, call your doctor right away, and keep track of how far apart these periods of cramps are coming. Your doctor will want to know and may tell you to come in immediately.

You do not want to think about going into labor early, but you should know it can happen. If you are going to give birth and your baby is not ready to come yet, you want to be as close as you can be to a neonatal intensive care unit. If you are not yet full term and are experiencing menstrual pains that will not stop, go to such a hospital if you have one nearby instead of going in to see your doctor. If you have to drive a bit to get to a hospital with a NICU, do not chance it, but know you may be sent there before or after your baby comes. When that menstrual pain comes, pay attention and seek help immediately.

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