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Inpatient drug rehab is what many consider the “last step” for dealing with a loved one who’s suffering from a substance abuse program. Unlike an intervention, or prescription therapy, inpatient drug rehab is a 24-hours-a-day solution for a problem, or even a disease, if you like, that itself is manifest 24 hours a day.

Addicts are people who need help, and they need help near constantly. Some drug rehab programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, aim to provide a structure based upon weekly meetings and a mantra of self-assurance. This two-part approach has been highly effective for many, many people – including some friends of mine. The structure gives the addicts a feeling of control over their schedule, the very concept of time itself. The mantra is even more important in that it gives them a chance to feel like they control the need, rather than the need controling them.

Inpatient drug rehab is for when the above process doesn’t work, or has stopped working. Inpatient drug rehab is for people who are, sometimes quite literally, on their last opportunity to turn their lives around. It is a severe but often necessary process for people who are decidedly unable to kick their habit.

Commonly, people will turn to inpatient drug rehab to help their loved ones overcome some sort of addiction. The most common is obviously substance abuse, such as heroin or cocaine, or even more common addictions such as alcohol or marijuana. Doctors and experts in the field consider substance abuse addictions amongst the hardest to overcome, simply because it works on more biological levels than, say, a sexual addiction.

Heroin, for example, not only stimulates the pleasure receptacles in your neuro net, but creates new pathways that only the drug can fill. So you get a two-edged sword of want and need. It becomes not only a mental addication – a “habit” – but a physical one that is done at first for pleasure, but soon simply for the need to just get through the day.

Any hope of long-term recovery, then, lies in breaking that second dependency and removing the patient from an environment where he or she has access to drugs. This is why so many serious drug abusers who haven’t had success with other methods do have success with inpatient drug rehab. This is why inpatient drug rehab is considered by most in the field to be the best, and most certain method of treating substance abusers or addicts of all stripes.

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