14th December 2017
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March 9th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

We are reading reports these days that scams involving identity theft are higher today than ever before. The idea of identity theft to some people seems either downright sleazy (think con artists rooting about in garbage cans for scraps of information) or plain high-tech (school kids who are computer wizards using their spare time “gainfully”). You think about all the little clues and leads and investigative work they put in to take you to the cleaners. Not to put a damper on these entertaining visions or anything, but actually, a large number of identity theft cases happen only through people who can’t help being really careless – you know the kind – people who leave their laptops in the waiting lounge at the airport to go to the bathroom, or silly printer errors, a purse sometimes carelessly left about. If you could make sure you never do any of these things, you could have identity theft prevention down pat. Let’s look at a few common ways that silliness often does people in.

You’ve seen how those poor destitute people walk about picking through trash, filling huge plastic sacks with empty soft drink cans. They don’t take them home to use them themselves, they expect to sell them to the recyclers at about ten cents a can. And then there are the lowlife drug addicts who do the same, only with data. You’ll find them digging through trash all over the place, looking for scraps with credit card or bank information, to sell to the “identity information recyclers”. They could actually get anywhere from a dollar to $25 for their trouble, depending on how much the stolen information is worth. To keep these walking wounded out of your business, you would do best to be careful not to let your financial numbers get anywhere near the trash can while still whole. Let the mantra for identity theft prevention be “The shredder would be better”. Come on, they only cost $50, and you would help the environment get a leg up on the biodegrading.

But what use is it worrying about identity theft prevention and saving your scraps of paper when your bank can do a much more efficient job of losing your information by the truckload? They hire some real winners too to put in charge of your data. Where the company policy clearly says to employees “Always shred, never just dump anything in the trash”, the employees hear “It isn’t cool to be doing as you’re told, let’s just see what happens”. It must be really boring to work at a bank; perhaps experimenting with your life is better than going postal. It was in the news recently how an employee in some bank in Maine, who was supposed to shred some confidential records, just tossed it in the river instead. A few days later, there it all was washing up on the banks of Manhattan. Sometimes it’s hard to lose stuff no matter how hard you try.

Or how about that data storage company in Arizona? They had a secure facility built under a desert and all; so they ask their main man to transport boxes of important personal identity information to that secure facility; he thought it wouldn’t make any difference if he just went in for a drink , leaving the box on the passenger seat with the window open. Or how about the store attendant who needed to put in a fresh roll of paper in the credit card receipt printer and instead reached for a used roll; he was giving out receipts all day printed on the reverse of the used roll; each person who got a receipt also got another person’s credit card info printed on the back. But the British walk away with the prize here: four times has someone important in the government lost a laptop was important war ministry plans on it about a war in Iraq. Most people who get their hands on other people’s information, are often just too spaced out to be aware of what they have – fewer than two in a hundred act on it. Perhaps such walking stiffs are our best hope in identity theft prevention.

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