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Not every couple wants to embark on their journey as husband and wife by taking their vows in a church packed with hundreds of people from both sides of the family. Sure, that’s a scene that plenty of brides-to-be dream of, but just as many envision something completely different. For some women, getting married outdoors in a beautiful meadow surrounded by wild flowers and tall grasses is just the ticket; for others, a quick trip to a Vegas chapel complete with an Elvis impersonator would do the trick. Then there are some brides that long for a beach theme wedding, even though they live in a landlocked location. What’s a girl to do in that situation?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to have a beach theme wedding despite being hundreds of miles away from any sandy shores. You — and the rest of the people in your party — just have to be willing to get into the spirit of the occasion and make some substitutes. Everything comes pretty easily after that!

Getting the necessary beach theme wedding supplies is a fairly simple task that shouldn’t require a lot of time or money. This is great for couples on a tight budget (and who isn’t pinching pennies these days?) or for those who are trying to put the event together as quickly as possible. For starters, you’ll need furniture and decorations. Since the ceremony is going to be outdoors, plastic or resin furniture is completely acceptable, so grab those patio sets and move them to whatever location you’ve chosen. To dress up the furnishings, just tie some colorful sashes around the chairs and use beach theme wedding centerpieces on each table. Nice sand pails or buckets filled with flowers or candles would work wonderfully. Place additional flower arrangements and candles near the “altar” so the bride and groom will be surrounded by lovely colors.

The rest of the planning just involves finding the right favors, invitations, and attire for a beach theme wedding. Obviously anything to do with seashells, sand, parasols, exotic fish, and the sun would fit right in. As for attire, you’ll probably want to keep things fairly casual. Aloha shirts, loose-fitting linen suits, sundresses, and sunglasses all have their place in a beach theme wedding, and of course shoes should be completely optional. Oh, and don’t forget the sand! A quick visit to a toy store or gardening center for several bags of sandbox sand can work wonders for the ambience.

In an ideal world, everyone who dreams of a beach theme wedding would be able to jet off to Malibu or Maui for the real deal. But don’t let your inland location or lack of funds prevent you from having the ceremony you’ve always dreamed of. Follow these tips to make your perfect ceremony a reality!

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