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You might not know a bad living room layout when you first see it, but you may know if something does not feel quite right about a house. While you may not be aware of it, this feeling is caused by a bad living room layout. Unfortunately, in most cases, correcting a bad layout requires spending a lot of money. This is because it may involve relocating a wall or removing a load-bearing wall that may either be impossible or financially unfeasible. The goal should thus be to avoid a bad layout design in the first place. If you have occupied the same space for years, a bad layout may not be easily discernible. Navigating through the house for the homeowner might not make any difference. However, to a buyer, this can be a real turn off.

Consider for example an inside stairway facing the entrance. Such a living room layout is said to be confrontational and puts off most people, unknowingly. Acceptable stairways however are those that are curved, wide and off to the side. Having a well-lit stairway will also make it less confrontational. Entrances also form first impressions and buyers will make up their minds, sometimes unconsciously, based on how they feel when they walk in the door. A huge turnoff is a long, narrow dark hallway. Such a layout lacks warmth.

The living room layout is an important consideration because it is always the transition space. This means that all entrances to the house are located in the living room be it bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and others. This means that a good living room layout should have sufficient circulation space for family members. A simple rule when designing the layout is to keep movements unobstructed. This means that people passing through the living room must be able to pass without cutting the vision of people in the living room talking. Consider also the color of the living room. How do you want to feel when you walk into the living room? How will the family members and guest feel as well? You should feel good about your answers, and so should others.

What can help to have good living room layout? Having a design style will go a long way in ensuring that the room flows. A quick rundown of styles includes; traditional, country, contemporary, Oriental, rustic and mission. Furniture is also another consideration. When choosing furniture consider whether it is for decorating purposes or for a function. When done right, it is a pleasure to sit back and enjoy your living room layout.

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