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Health Risks of Smoking

In the past there were so many people that smoked cigarettes as though they had no negative impact on the human body whatsoever. As time moves on, more and more men and women are realizing that smoking is worse than anyone ever imagined. In fact, the health risks of smoking are so extreme that people all over the world are giving up cigarettes, pipes and cigars once and for all. If you are current smoking, and are pondering quitting for your health, go ahead and read on to see why quitting may save your life. Amongst the many health risks of smoking, the number one affliction that most people know all about is lung cancer. Clearly breathing in smoke that’s infused toxins for years and years is bad for your lungs. We all know this now due to modern research and science. Smoking a single cigarette can damage your lungs enough to take them one month to recuperate. Not to mention the smoke wreaks havoc on your teeth and breath. Avoid tooth enamel damage and lung cancer by quitting smoking. Regardless of your age, quitting is worth it! Now let’s talk about the impact smoking has on your heart. Many cardiovascular problems are linked to smoking cigarettes and cigars. Once again, when you smoke, you inhale toxins, which can cause serious damage to your body overall. At this time medical experts have even linked pancreatic disorders to smoking. Therefore it is best to stop smoking as soon as possible so you can preserve your health for the future. Remember the saying that each cigarette takes an hour off of your life. Keep this in mind the next time you want to smoke. Life is already short enough without cigarettes making it dramatically shorter. Other health risks of smoking involve the liver, colon and prostate gland in men. All of these essential organs can be affected in a negative way by smoking. While the liver is subjected to toxins from smoke since it is a filter for the body, the colon is additionally assaulted by the negative components of smoke that’s inhaled. Keep in mind that the colon, which is also the large intestine, has to process everything you consume each day in order to dispose of it as waste. You can help keep your colon healthy by refraining from smoking cigars and cigarettes. It is just a matter of understanding the real health risks of smoking, and knowing what treatment plans are at your disposal to help you quit once and for all. Be sure to check out helpful websites like yourtotalhealth.ivillage.com, healthline.com, and righthealth.com. Each of these useful websites can inform you of the common health risks of smoking.

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