13th November 2017
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June 23rd, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

For those of us who have a degree in television production, audio editing software is something that we are very familiar with. It would not be wrong to say that most video professionals spend a good part of their life learning more and more about audio editing software. This is because, unlike video, which is an easier medium to understand, audio is an element that requires a great deal of knowledge, skill and experience to edit. Although it may seem to be easy, audio editing is a tough business. And only the use of excellent audio editing software has made it achieve some degree of automation. This too is only a recent development and there are serious hopes about the future being bright.

For most beginners, a simple laptop cans serve as not only a sound recording device, but also offers some options to indulge in audio editing. And as far as audio editing software goes, there are a number of packages available on the Internet. Most audio editing software available on the Internet is meant for beginners and it is unlikely that you will ever find professional quality audio editing software there. But you might just be surprised. In fact, you don’t even need professional audio editing software to do a decent job of editing those sound clips you have.

Most digital audio recorders come with some sort of basic audio editing software. I recently bought myself a Sony digital audio recorder. And bundled with the product was a CD that apart from offering me tips and tricks on using the hardware, also came equipped with a basic audio editing software that I could install and use with a few simple clicks. To its credit the audio editing software was rather good. The navigation was intuitive, the features and functionality ample for a beginner and the capabilities astonishing. For instance, it was possible to splice audio files and even seamlessly weld them – some of the things that used to be available only with professional quality audio editing software. The only drawback I found was that this software was a proprietary Sony thingie – and worked only with audio recorded on a Sony digital audio recorder.

But if you are looking for good audio editing software, make google your first port of call. Just type in the words ‘audio editing software’ into the box and it will throw up a number of options. To refine the search, add the term ‘free’ to the string above and you will access a number of good audio editing software.

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