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Chemical Labeling And Classification: Using Pictograms The chemicals today have had a very long time to be developed and researched before their beneficial effects for humankind were discovered. Likewise, the disaster that equals its benefits to man are also very possible especially when these chemicals are used for the wrong purposes. We are all exposed to the various chemical substances that exist in the air, the water and on the solid surfaces that we come into contact every single day of our lives. The globally harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals is one of the many ways of sorting these chemical products so that we may prevent any possible disaster that may occur when the wrong chemicals are used in particular instances. The presence of the worldwide trade and businesses that center around the production and transport of these chemicals have been greatly increasing in the last few years, thus a special plan of action that everyone can understand and have to follow is very important in maintaining safety throughout the stages of the chemical distribution, including its use. In order to achieve such a gargantuan task, a unique regulation of labeling and classification of the hazardous chemical products had to emerge on an international scale. Thus a special, worldwide system came to be known as the harmonized and global system of labeling and classification of chemical substances which also came with an online software for ease of use. The way that this system works is relatively simple, it classifies the different categories of chemical substances into various groups which are based on the amount of dangerous properties that they have. Aside from this, the system also offers safety data sheet managements that can be used along with a hazard communication systems that is universally understandable by the different nations and languages. The main goal of this is to establish a completely safe place of work as well as an extra protection for the employees and customers through the provision of the essential information regarding the potential danger that can be caused by such substances.
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The countries will then be able to act thoroughly and reliably with the correct information about the danger that is brought about the inappropriate use of chemicals. Assure of the human race as well as the environment and wild life’s safety is made once there is an efficient and systematic process of handling and tackling chemical issues. This also serves as a leading change in making one or harmonized regulations and rules regarding chemical use and wastes.
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A good and vibrant process is happening to the implementation of the globally harmonized system as it has been rooted from self motivation. The United Nations gathers information from various groups, then comes up with seminars and workshops to give information to different governments.

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