8th December 2017
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May 17th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

Though the record companies have been fighting the trend tooth and nail, it’s clear that digital music is here to stay. Consumers love the convenience of being able to purchase just the songs they want instead of an entire CD full of tracks they’ll never listen to. No one balks at spending $.99 for the latest Beyonce or Taylor Swift tune. Plus, now that cheap MP3 players are widely available, it’s easier than ever to jump on the digital bandwagon.

There used to be no such thing as cheap MP3 players. Back when the technology was still new, you could expect to have to cough up several hundred dollars to get a device to play your songs. There was a time when Apple iPods were the only game in town, and we already know how that company likes to pump up their retail prices. Sony and iRiver are two other prominent manufacturers that offer mostly pricey products. But fortunately, plenty of other companies have entered the fray, so now there are lots of cheap MP3 players to choose from.

What are the key differences between cheap MP3 players and the more expensive ones? From a technological perspective, not much. Both types of devices perform the same basic functions, almost every player utilizes flash memory these days, and many allow you to carry your entire music collection in the palm of your hand. The pricing variations mostly stem from features and brand names, so those are the things you need to look at before making your decision. Are you really going to use the video camera feature to record home movies? Will you actually turn on the voice recorder while sitting in the lecture hall? Are you ever going to need that FM tuner? These are all questions only you can answer. If you don’t think you’ll need these types of features, then there’s nothing wrong with buying cheap MP3 players.

Some people might worry about the durability or quality of cheap MP3 players compared to some of their more expensive counterparts. These are legitimate concerns, as a few devices from the bargain rack end up delivering what can only be described as subpar performance. But thanks to consumer reviews posted online, all it takes is a little extra work to dig up the real dirt on any brand out there. You can then be forewarned of potential problems with any player you’re thinking of buying and go into the transaction with your eyes wide open.

If you’re just looking for a basic device so you can listen to digital music, then you should definitely look into cheap MP3 players. There’s no sense in spending more than $100 if you don’t need fancy features or a trendy logo on the device. Why not save that extra money for buying songs instead?

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