19th October 2017
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March 5th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

Everyone is talking about Sweden these days, what with all the gossip around Tiger Woods and his Swedish wifeElin Nordegren. You would never have guessed it, but one of Sweden’s best-loved Christmas traditions is an American import, a show named Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul. In case you didn’t get that, that’s Donald Duck and his Friends, and Kalle Anka is what they call the irritable old duck with no pants. It has been a mainstay in Sweden on Christmas Eve, the most important day of their season. It has been their Christmas mainstay ever since 1959. The show is a collection of really old Disney cartoons dating from the 30s, and most of them are just clips from classics like Snow White and Jungle Book, and Silly Symphonies shorts. Nothing really much to do with Christmas, but in their minds in Sweden, it is more Christmas than Santa Claus. The only thing that connects the show to the present day, is the way they have a presenter, a stand-in for Walt Disney, introduce the latest Disney classic to hit the theaters that a year; it was the Princess and the Frog this Christmas.They wouldn’t even insert that element of freshness, if Disney doesn’t require them to do this by contract. The Swedes just want the original Christmas feeling they see in Kalle Anka.

And popular it is too; half the country routinely turns out the TV to watch it. Its ratings have never fallen to below a third of the country’s population. The way the traditional Swedish family gathers around the TV to watch these Disney Donald Duck cartoons would be quite unbelievable to a visiting American. The cartoon is obviously really antique, and the Swedish dubbing is indifferent at best. But no one moves a limb when it comes on, no one dares make a sound, lest anyone should miss the dialogue they have doubtless heard a hundred times before. You would think they were watching Disney’s The Princess and the Frog on a world premiere broadcast in HD on a 60 inch flatscreen, the way they don’t even blink should any of the spectacular action pass in that time. No one even records it to watch later if they’re busy; it has to be watched while it’s broadcast, so as to not miss any of the feeling of communion with the rest of the country. If you want to show up at a department store to buy something, during the broadcast, you can expect not to be served. If the store is open at all.

So how did this happen to Sweden? Sweden doesn’t have much of a TV culture. They only started to get TV around 1959; and up until 20 years ago, they only had two channels in all, both state-run. Disney Donald Duck cartoons and all animation was a real novelty back then. The state television stations made a casual decision to run an animated show around Christmas to make the children happy, and there wasn’t that much to show back then either. For want of more alternatives, this show stuck. And it seems that be that way for a good long time. Whoever has tried to say enough is enough, has met with nationwide ridicule and criticism. The show is Sweden’s anchor in a stormy world of an ever-changing environment, and no one will they let take it away.

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