7th December 2017
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It’s hard to imagine now, but even just a half-decade ago a lot of people were apprehensive about accessing their bank account via the Internet. There were numerous security concerns, such as would-be thieves “phishing”, intercepting your password, and then diverting all your money to an account of their own. But fortunately, online banking services have improved greatly in the past few years, allowing the convenience of anytime, anywhere access to finally outweigh any potential problems.

Most banks across the country now offer some form of online banking services to customers. In many cases, it doesn’t cost any extra fees to access your account through the Internet, though you might have to pay to perform certain transactions. This is something that you’ll have to check with your particular bank and account type. But if you do have online banking services, then chances are you’ll be able to complete a variety of tasks right from the comfort of your own home. These might include such things as checking current balances, setting up automatic deposits, scheduling bill payments, moving money between accounts (from checking to savings or vice versa), and a whole lot more.

Another benefit of online banking services is that you might never have to step foot into your local branch again. If your workplace offers electronic deposit of your paychecks, then there’s no reason you’d ever have to go deal with long lines or cranky tellers. You can do practically everything — even reorder checks — right on the Internet. And since you never have to physically appear at the bank again, this means you can open an account with pretty much whomever you choose. Some banks only have an Internet presence these days, and others have bricks and mortar branches only in certain states. But if they offer online banking services, you can open an account with them and partake of any good deals (like higher interest rates on savings accounts or CDs) that they offer.

Overall, online banking services provide customers with a quick, easy, and convenient way to take care of a majority of bank transactions simply by using their desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, or cell phones with web browsers and wifi access. Sure, you still have to be careful of identity theft, but the risk is no greater for bank sites than for any other online entity, so that’s not really something you’d need to worry about on a daily basis. On the whole, there are very few pitfalls associated with managing your money over the Internet, but there are definitely a bunch of benefits.

Your current financial institution should already offer online banking services, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to get started. If they don’t, then they’re clearly not keeping up with the times and you need to make a switch immediately!

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