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March 25th, 2017 Cat: Bisnis Online

No matter what type of day you are having, a bouquet of flowers delivered to you is bound to make you perk up a bit. There are always a few people you would rather not get flowers from, of course, but for the most part this brightens any day. Companies go out of their way to come up with bigger and more beautiful arrangements all of the time, and because they look so nice and cost so much, you want to do all that you can to keep your delivered flowers looking great and living for as long as you can. Here are a few tips to enjoy them for days and even weeks to come.

Some delivered flowers are just not going to last, but those types are fewer and further between these days. With the proper care, many types of delivered flowers and plants can last for days and weeks. Plants can last as long as you can care for them if they grow year in and year out. When you get flower deliveries, you may be tempted to set them near light and enjoy them, but there are some things that you can do to make them last longer. It will just take ten or fifteen minutes of your time to add days to the life of your flowers.

First, if possible, you want to trim the bottoms of your delivered flowers. This is easier with some types of flowers but can be done with almost all arrangements if you take your time and use care. Flowers need water, but they do not get it like they do when they are still growing on a plant. You have to remove each of your delivered flowers and cut at least a quarter inch off of the very bottom of the stem. Do this at an angle and make sure it is a clean cut. This will ensure your flowers get fresh water as needed. Repeat in a week if your flowers are still looking good.

For a longer life, keep your delivered flowers in the light but away from heat. The sun can be too hot, so make sure they are getting indirect sunlight. Do not place them where they are going to be overheated or they are going to dry out and wilt much sooner. They may not need sunlight all day long, so just make sure they get an hour or two to stay looking good. Avoid areas where blown heat could dry them out and watch out for perches from which they could be easily knocked to the floor. Water your delivered flowers as needed. Check them at least once a day, but sometimes more. Some flowers can suck up a lot of water and may need to be watered a few times a day if they are in small capacity vases.

If you really want to preserve your delivered flowers you can always dry them, but they are not going to look the same. Artificial flowers look better than ever, so if you are really in love with some flower arrangement you received, see if you can recreate with artificial flowers. Unlike the real thing, these won’t need trimmed or watered to stay looking great. A good dusting once in a while may be in order, though. This is the way to enjoy your delivered flowers for as long as you feel like keeping them around.

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