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Benefits Of Buying A Used Car In Australia. Whether you are a resident or a temporary visitor in Sydney, or a home maker or a student at the University of Melbourne; if you want to stretch your car budget to the maximum, buying a used car in Australia might be a good idea for you.The biggest benefit of buying used instead of new, is the amount of savings you get. When you buy a new car, you are also taking the hit from its depreciation. In the first three years, the price of a new car reduces by thirty percent owing to its depreciation. So when you buy a car that is about two to three years old, you are taking this price off your invoice.The add-ons or high end gadgets that dealers try to push on new cars are also equally expensive. You could buy a bigger or better used car with the same budget instead. Another hidden charge that you can avoid by getting a used car is the dealer advertising charge.When you buy a car you also need to pay taxes as per government laws.

Are you thinking of buying a used car?

These are a part of the purchase price. So with new cars and their higher prices, you end up paying higher amount in tax money.Especially in Australia, you need to pay mainly four types of registration charges. The registration transfer fee is set at a fixed amount and decided by the state. Stamp duty varies with the price of car and is different in different states. Motor vehicle tax has to be paid annually. Compulsory third party insurance also has to be paid annually. Luxury cars also incur luxury car tax.As you can see from above, if you opt for a used car instead of new one, you can save on the stamp duty. You can use these savings to buy a better or bigger car. Also if you purchase a luxury car from an individual, you are exempted from the luxury car tax.

You can take the help of organizations such as Australian RAC to carry out inspections for a used car. These organizations can help tremendously if you are new to the process of buying a new car. If you try to do things all on your own, you may find yourself distraught and frustrated. You will save time and money in the long run if you get help when you need it.To ensure that you get protection from the Motor Dealers Compensation Fund, you can buy a used car from a licensed dealer. If you suffer a loss while buying a used car from a licensed dealer, you can lodge a complaint with NSW Fair Trading. If your claim is approved you can receive a maximum payment of up to thirty thousand Australian dollars.If you do wish to buy from an individual instead of a registered dealer, make sure you check with the Register of Encumbered Vehicles. From them you can find out whether the seller has rights to sell the vehicle or not. If you take all these precautions, you can enjoy the maximum benefits from buying a used car in Australia.

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